Q&A with Writer/Director/Actor, Brian McGuire, Producer/Actor, Bret Roberts and Director of Photography, Robert Murphy

‘There’s no shame in coming second place to a guy who’s really good looking and really cool’ proclaims mustachioed restaurant manager Matthew Boyle. But for his equally hirsute brother Steve, that cool good-looking guy is stealing his thunder at work. And the affections of his family. Not to mention his girlfriend.

Carlos Spills the Beans is a sometimes sexy, often romantic, always hilarious romp over a year or so of Steve’s existence as he matures, immatures, changes and lives. Sometimes that’s in his dingy, red-lit garage bedroom, other times at the dinner table with his nine brothers and sex-crazed mum, other times watching his girlfriend have sex with someone else from her back garden.

Lots of credit must go to Brian McGuire, who has co-written, directed, edited and even worked on the funky original soundtrack for this funny, moving feature. He also gives a brilliant Basil Fawlty-esque performance as Matthew, and beside him Joey Capone - the other co-writer – shines as Steve. This powerhouse duo lead a great cast of characters, not least important of which is the kitchen apprentice Carlos – but what’s all this fuss about the beans? Watch and find out.

Orestes Kouzof

Writer/Director/Actor, Brian McGuire, will be attending 24th Sept-3rd Oct

Producer/Actor, Bret Roberts, will be attending 24th Sept-3rd Oct

Director of Photography, Robert Murphy, will be attending 24th Sept-3rd Oct