Playing With: "Flight" [Country: USA, Running Time: 2'14", Director: Phillip Van]


Prevertere tells the story of a man called Templeton, a modern day Casanova, and his interaction with three of his presumably many lovers over the course of a few days in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The film skillfully changes in style and tone with each of the women in Templeton’s life that we meet. First is Shelly a woman some years Templeton’s senior: her part of the film is painfully realistic and raw. We then switch to Irene, the woman one feels that our anti-hero has the best connection with and possibly even cares about. Her part of the story is full of playful whimsy and deep conversations. Then finally we have Joanne, a young carefree woman who is Templeton’s equal in mind, body and sex-drive, whose part of the story starts off strange and exciting, then descends into chaos.

The film features an array of fantastic characters, many of which wouldn’t be out of place in a David Lynch film. Writer and director Brian McGuire has made up for having practically no budget with a film that has some truly great writing and terrific set pieces.

Paul Perkins

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