About the 24th Raindance Film Festival Trailer

The 24th Raindance Film Festival trailer is a tribute to legendary filmmaker, Steven Spielberg, who this year will celebrate his 70th birthday.

Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra’s script for the trailer is based on Steven Spielberg’s 2010 speech given at the Academy for Achievement, sharing what inspired him to become a filmmaker. Scenes from a few of Steven Spielberg’s films are recreated in the trailer, including a battle scene from Escape to Nowhere, a 40-min film he directed when he was 14 years old and a dinosaur from the iconic, Jurassic Park. A Super 8mm Camera is also used in the trailer – a camera that Steven Spielberg used as a child when making films.

Also recreated is the train wreck from The Greatest Show on Earth, the film that Steven Spielberg credits as being one of the major inspirations that led him to pursue a career in film.

The 24th Raindance Film Festival will take place between 21 September to 02 October 2016. Passes and benefactor packages are available.


Sponsored by The Independent Film Trust

The trailer titled Discover.Be Discovered, was made with the gracious support of The Independent Film Trust (IFT).

The IFT Award for Raindance Film Festival's trailer was first introduced in 2004 to recognise the next generation of filmmakers and to give them the opportunity to showcase their work to an international audience. The award is given to a filmmaker who exhibits bravery and creativity as well as demonstrating an obvious vibrancy and passion for their art.

The winner is commissioned to produce the next Raindance Film Festival trailer which screens before every film at the festival. The trailer is also screened at cinemas in the build-up to the Festival. In 2016 the exclusive preview was at Little White Lies and is also available at Raindance Youtube channel. Past winners have benefited tremendously from the support given by the award and have used the opportunity to help jump-start their careers.

The award has become the most coveted of short film awards at the RFF and the Raindance festival trailer is now widely recognized as being one of the most innovative and creative of festival trailers produced anywhere, consistently year on year.


About Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra


Filippo Capuzzi Lapietra is a Brazilian filmmaker who majored in film at FAAP University. A Wasted Night, a short film, which he completed as a course assignment, won the Best Foreign Short Film Award at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival in 2012. The film has since gone on to win multiple awards and screen in over twenty international film festivals.

In 2014, Filippo wrote and directed The House Job, for which he received the award for Best Director and Best Foreign Short Film at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival. That same year, the film also won the Special Jury Prize for a Short at the Raindance Film Festival and included in this prize was the opportunity to create the Official Trailer for the Festival.

In 2016, Filippo wrote and directed the Official Trailer for the 24th Raindance Film Festival and has recently received a Young Director Award for the trailer during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Filippo’s next film is a feature comedy and will be released in February 2017.