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2015- 23rd Raindance Film Festival

Raindance 2015 Portrait Poster

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Opening Night Film: Newcomer 
Closing Night Film: Reality 

Festival Award Winners:
Best International Feature: Alice In Marialand
Best UK Feature: Kicking Off
Best Debut Feature: Princess
Best Documentary Feature: Gored
Feature Film of the Festival: Datuna: Portrait of America
Best International Short: Home
Best UK Short: North
Best Animated Short: Palm Rot
Best Documentary Short: Walking Through Havana
Short Film of the Festival: Winter Light
Special Jury Prize for a Short: The House Job
Best Music Video: Stealing Sheep - Not Real

2014- 22nd Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: I Origins
Closing Night Film: Wolf. Director: Jim Taihuttu.

Festival Award Winners
Best International Feature: The Light Shines Only There
Best UK Feature: Luna
Best Debut Feature: Kebab and Horoscope
Best Documentary Feature: Days of Hope
Feature Film of the Festival: Take me to the River
Best International Short: Freedom
Best UK Short: Nosferatu in Love
Best Animated Short: Tea with the Dead
Best Documentary Short: Our Curse
Short Film of the Festival: Freedom
Special Jury Prize for a Short: Heart/Coeur
Best Music Video: Subtunes

2013- 21st Raindance Film Festival

RDFF 2013

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Opening Night Film: How to Make Money Selling Drugs
Closing Night Film: The Machine

Festival Award Winners
Best International Feature: Halima’s Path
Best UK Feature: The Machine
Best Debut Feature: The Art of Happiness
Best Documentary Feature: Sickfuckpeople
Feature Film of the Festival: The Patrol
Best International Short: A Good Story
Best UK Short: Irreversible
Best Animated Short: Ziegenort
Best Documentary Short: Butter Lamp
Short Film of the Festival: A Good Story
Special Jury Prize for a Short: A Night and a Day

2012- 20th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Here Comes the Devil
Closing Night Film: Salt

Festival Award Winners
Best International Feature: Laurentie
Best UK Feature:
Love Tomorrow
Best Debut Feature:
Best Documentary:
Ballroom Dancer
Feature Film of the Festival:
How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song?
Best International Short:
Buzkashi Boys
Best UK Short:
The Pub
Short Film of the Festival:
Buzkashi Boys

2011 - 19th Raindance Film Festival

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Opening Night Film: Another Earth
Closing Night Film:

Festival Award Winners:
Best International Feature: Just Between Us / Rajko Grlic – Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia
Best UK Feature: Stranger Things / Eleanor Burke/Ron Eyal – UK
Best Debut Feature: Tilt / Viktor Chouchkov Jr. – Bulgaria
Best Microbudget Feature: Monk3ys / Drew Cullingham – UK
Best Documentary: How to Start A Revolution / Ruaridh Arrow – UK
Best International Short: Words /  Sven Vinge – Denmark
Best UK Short: Love At First Sight / Michael Davies – UK
Film of The Festival: Reset / Nicolangelo Gelormini - Italy
Raindance Film Festival 2011 Winners Announced Here

Key moments:

- record number of submissions from 71 countries
- first ever UK Balkan Cinema strand
- cinema admissions rose a startling 62% due to additional social media marketing
- cover image by Rankin

2010 - 18th Raindance Film Festival

2010 festival logoWatch the festival trailer
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Opening Night Film: Jackboots on Whitehall
Closing Night Film:
Son of Babylon
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature: Five Daughters
Int Feature: Son of Babylon
Debut: The Story of Myspace
Doc: Sounds like a revolution
& There once was an island
Microbudget: Macho
UK Short: Stanley Pickle
Int Short: LIN
Film Of The Festival:
I am a fat cat
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture:
Mike Newell

Key moments:
- 217 films shown from 45 countries.
- Films shown on DCP (Digital Cinema Package) for the first time
- The controversial A Serbian Film has to be shown as a private screening after being banned by the BBFC. Sick bags are handed out to people attending the screening
- Also screened: L.A. Zombie, another very controversial film, banned in other festivals

2009 - 17th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Humpday
Closing Night Film:
The Girlfriend Experience
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature: Down Terrace
Int Feature: 25 Kilates & My Suicide
Debut: Redland
Doc: A Normal Life Please
Microbudget: Colin
UK Short: Infidel
Int Short: Of Best Intentions
Film Of The Festival:
The Slow Game
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture:
Terence Davies

Key moments:
- The Raindance Film Cafe opens its doors for the first time.
- Billy Bragg, Mick Jones, Wayne Kramer and Chris Shiflett perform together live after the screening of Jail Guitar Doors. The place erupts as they launch into Kick Out The Jams
- James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins witnesses Japanese psychedelic rockers Bo Ningen at the Raindance Film Cafe. "Uh, they're fuckin' weird," states Iha, "...I like them."
- Festival staff and filmmakers invade Peter Parker's Rock & Roll Club for an impromptu post-Closing Night Party party. Peter Parker is taken aback, but very accommodating.

2008 - 16th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Choke
Closing Night Film:
Festival Award Winners:

UK Feature: The Blue Tower
Int Feature: Estomago
Debut: Production Office
Doc: Indestructable
UK Short: Red Sands
Int Short: A Juicy Turkey
Audience Award: Zebra Crossings
Film Of The Festival:
Red Sands
Country Featured:
Australia & New Zealand
Retrospective: Jean-Luc Godard

Key moments:
- Faye Dunaway attends with the film Flick Projector melts right before the screening, delaying the screening
- Corey Feldman chased down the street by a horde of fans
- Les Claypool of Primus attends many screenings
- Peter Greenaway's Q and A continues for 2 hours in the concession area
- George Martin attends the screening of his Beatles film All Together Now
- Adam Yauch (Beastie Boys) attends the screening of his film Gunnin' For the Number One Spot'
= Evi Vine spends the entire festival hospitality budget on one boozy session.
- Colonel JD Wilkes has his British music premiere.

2007 - 15th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Weirdsville
Closing Night Film:
Paranoid Park
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature: Exhibit A
Int Feature: Once
Debut: Ex Drummer
Doc: Frank & Cindy
UK Short: The Truffle Hunter
Int Short: Dragonflies
Tiscali Short Film Award: Amelia & Michael
SAE Digital Short Award: The Stronger
Canon Cinematography Award: Dragonflies
Adobe animation Award: Pushkin
Film Of The Festival:
The Truffle Hunter
Filmmaker In Residence:
Ryuchi Hiroki
Stanley Kubrick

Key moments:
- Mick Jones (The Clash) signing a Gibson guitar on Opening Night
- Ken Loach's passion charged talk
- Ewan Macgregor joining the Live!Ammunition! panel
- Tough guy icon Michael Madsen to the festival promotes his new film and discusses his career.
- US hit In Search of a Midnight Kiss is picked up for UK distribution by Vertigo Films.

2006 - 14th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Brothers Of The Head
Closing Night Film:
Scenes Of A Sexual Nature

Festival Award Winners
Best UK Feature: London to Brighton. Director: Paul Andrew Williams.
Official Selection Feature: The Wind. Director: Eduardo Mignogna.
Short Film Of The Festival: Booth Story. Director: Edwin McGill, Kasimir Burgess.
Country Featured: India.

Filmmaker In Residence: Zhang Yuan

Key moments:
- In true Ramones style, Marky Ramone can be found signing autographs in the toilets
- Ralph Fienes, Samantha Morton and Mick Jones attend opening night
- The projector melts midway though a screening of A Clockwork Orange and pridcer Jesse Vile finally finds a DVD of the film at the HMV store downstairs.

2005 - 13th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: The Devil And Daniel Johnston
Closing Night Film:
Secuestro Express
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature: Rollin’ With The Nines
Int Feature: Canary
Debut: The Gingerbread Man
Doc: Attitude and Commendation for Riot On!
UK Short: Six Shooter
Int Short: A Monk’s Awakening
Tiscali Short Film Award: Cricker Crack
The Big Issue Short Film Award: The Ends
Film Of the Festival: Right Place
Featured Country:
Filmmaker In Residence:
Jonathon Jakubowicz
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture: Vanessa Redgrave

Key moments:
- Confusion surrounds whether Gingerbread man is fact or fiction.
- Billy Childish attends screening of Billy Childish is Dead
- Celebrity sell-out of Dead Girl, including Cherie Blair

2004 - 12th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Dead Man's Shoes
Closing Night Film: Oldboy

Festival Award Winners:

UK Feature: EMR
Int Feature: Marebito
Debut: End Of The Century
Doc: Jandek On Corwood
UK Short: You're My Favorite Chair
Int Short: Arthur "Killer" Kane
Film Of The Festival: Drowning River Phoenix
Country Featured: Spain
Filmmaker In Residence: Shane Meadows
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture: Terry Jones
Key moments:

- Opening Night is graced with the presence of Shane Meadows and actor Paddy Considine
- Richard Fearless of Death In Vegas DJs the opening night party
- Glenn Tilbrook gives an amazing solo set after the screening of Glenn Tilbrook: One For the Road
- Greg Wallach, the standup from NYC, is spectacularly hilarious following the screening of his doc, Fuck The Disabled

2003 - 11th Raindance Film Festival


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Opening Night Film: Capturing The Friedmans
Closing Night Film:
16 Years of Alcohol
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature:
Int Feature:
UK Short:
Int Short:
Film Of The Festival:
Country Featured: South Africa
Filmmaker In Residence: Ken Russell
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture: Nicolas Roeg

Key moments:
- First year at UGC, our new partners
- Launch of the Nokia Shorts
- Ken Russell gives a brilliant talk as Filmmaker-In-Residence
- Nic Roeg presents the Alexander McKendrick lecture

2002 - 10th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Tadpole
Closing Night Film:
Festival Award Winners:
UK Feature:
Int Feature:
UK Short:
Int Short:
Film Of The Festival:
Country Featured: Korea
Filmmaker In Residence:
Tony Kaye
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture:
Kristian Levring

Key moments:
- Tony Kaye's brilliantly controversial presentation of his works in progress. We won’t mention the cease letter sent to Raindance by Marlon Brando's lawyers in LA
- Talkeoke featured for the first time

2001 - 9th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Ghost World
Closing Night Film:
The Closet [Le Placard]
Country Featured: Japan
Filmmaker In Residence:
Mike Figgis
Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture:
Shekhar Kapur and Derek Malcolm

Key moments:
- Mike Figgis' brilliant digital filmmaking workshop.
- Shakur Kapur and Derek Malcolm watch The Bandit Queen together and chat about the film as if it was their own private screening.
- Harvey Weinstein makes a majestic two hour entrance to the British Independent Film Awards during which he stops and chats to just about every one of the five hundred people in the room.

2000 - 8th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Memento
Closing Night Film: It Was An Accident
Country Featured: Canada
Filmmaker In Residence:
Christopher Nolan Alexander Mackendrick Memorial Lecture: Stephen Frears and Kevin Macdonald

Key moments:

- Chris Nolan's mother is overheard saying to her son, “Nice film Chris, but what was it about?” after the screening of Memento.
- Wayne Kramer flies in from New York to do a live gig as part of the Johnny Thunders tribute.
- Dogme 95 co-founder Kristian Levring's premiere of The King Is Alive is the day before his daughter's wedding to Nicholas Winding Refn, writer-director of Pusher which screened in 1997. Refn's new film, FearX starring John Turturro is scheduled for completion end of 2002.
- The notoriously shy Stephen Frears has to be interrupted after two and a half hours of the first Alexander Mackendrick Memorial lecture.

1999 - 7th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Blair Witch Project
Closing Night Film:
Country Featured: Yugoslavia
Filmmaker In Residence:
Jarl Olsen

Key moments:
- Raindance has the English premiere of the Blair Witch Project. Over 200 paparazzi and twenty television crews descend on the Other Cinema (formerly the Metro) to snap celebrity guests including the directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sanchez along with Noel Gallagher, Billy Zane, Dave Stewart and Jarvis Cocker
- Sarah Jessica Parker attends screenings. No one recognises her except a few American filmmakers.
- Goldie attends and introduces the screening of a documentary about himself.
- First year of Raindance Kids
- Raindance print traffic makes a spectacular cock-up when the receiving and forwarding addresses (written in Portugese) are inverted and a 35kg film print is sent to Rio instead of Damascus. The escapade ends up costing over £400 in air freight charges.

1998 - 6th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Razor Blade Smile
Closing Night Film:
Six String Samurai
Country Featured: Greece

Key moments:
- Rutger Hauer attends to research his new website: Fortunately, he is persuaded to try another name.
- Raindance founder Elliot Grove surprises Susan George by greeting her with a loud 'Hello Eunice". He has mistaken her for Eunice Rogers - mum of Talia Rogers, one of the festival volunteers.
- The street marketing campaign features paper license plates blu-tacked to cars all over the West End
- Creation of the British Independent Film Awards
- Vinnie Jones succeeds in getting a member of the Raindance team thrown out by reporting him to the management for taking cocaine in the men’s toilet (he wasn't). Peter Mullen jumps over the table and starts pummelling filmmaker James Pilkington for booing Ken Loach. They have to be pulled apart by security.

1997 - 5th Raindance Film Festival


Opening Night Film: Pusher
Closing Night Film:
Boogie Boy
Country Featured: France
Filmmaker In Residence:
Shane Meadows

Key moments:
- 6 Day Movie is started on the first day of the festival, and shot in 35mm over six days, with six different directors, one of which ws Nicholas Winding Refn. The only creative limitation is that the same two actors have to be used by each director and returned to the same position in Leicester Square. The film is screened on the last night of the festival.
- Ewan Macgregor attends for the first time. He appears in a short.
- Lloyd Kaufman ends up doing a 75 minute standup routine in front of a packed house at the Prince Charles Cinema while the projector waiting to screen the world premiere of Tromeo and Julliet is repaired.
- 'Mad' Frankie Fraser, recently freed after a detainment by Her Majesty for over forty years, attends with many of his 'friends' to see the screening of Table 5, the 35mm film produced by Raindance for £278.38, in which he stars.

1996 - 4th Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Hard Core Logo
Closing Night Film:
Festival Award Winners:
Country Featured:
Filmmaker In Residence:
Roger Corman

Key moments:
- An entire programme is devoted to the shorts of Shane Meadows. He self-titles the programme Crappy Shorts. One of them, Where’s The Money Ronnie becomes the calling card that convinces Bob Hoskins to star in 24/7.
- Roger Corman, filmmaker in residence on the Jose Cuervo sponsorship: "This stuff tastes like gasoline"
- Steve Wooley becomes so intoxicated on Jose Cuervo at the Live!Ammunition! pitching event that he storms out shaking a finger at festival organisers saying "I'll never speak to you again" - which he didn't for three years.
- Stel Pavlou pitches 51st State for the first time. In the audience is David Pupkevich - the film’s eventual producer.

1995 - 3rd Raindance Film Festival

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Opening Night Film: Pulp Fiction
Closing Night Film:
Flirting With Disaster
Festival Award Winners:
Country Featured:
Great Britain

Key moments:
- What do you do if you are at the Raindance Film Festival and feel the call of nature? And then, what do you do if you are standing in the urinal next to Fine Young Cannibals’ Roland Gift? Why of course, you talk about films, filmmakers and musical scores.
- Everyone says year three of an event is the most difficult. This was no exception, with the festival reduced to screening at the Comedy Store during the daytime, and at the Crown Preview Theatre (now demolished and part of Mezzo) during the evenings. Nonetheless, over 1500 people attend the screenings. A featured strand is the Super 8 movies distributed in the States by Muther Video - run by the mother of Matt Devlen, one of the filmmakers. Titles include Polish Vampires in Burbank, and Revenge of the Red Hot Mutants, now cult classics.

1994 - 2nd Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: The Pope Of Utah
Closing Night Film:
Another Girl Another Planet
Country Featured:

Key moments:
- Trey Parker arrives with a video copy of his first feature film: Alferd Packer - The Musical. Everyone who meets Trey knows he’s going to be huge . He stays for four days, during which time approximately five dozen people buy him drinks and food.
- At the Live!Ammunition! pitching event, American comedian Emo Philips pitches his 16mm film Meet the Parents, due to screen in two days time. Unknown to anyone, an executive from Columbia is in the audience and comes to the screening. He is so impressed that he buys the film: print, videotapes and all, and goes back to LA. A few months later he is fired (or, as they say in the film business - he left due to creative differences). Five years later, some interns were sent into the archives and come back with this curious film. Voila, Meet The Parents version two was born and became the number one box office hit in 2001.
- The British Premiere of Pulp Fiction

1993 - first Raindance Film Festival

Opening Night Film: Love And Human Remains
Closing Night Film:
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Country Featured:

Key moments:
- First screening of a film with Leonardo di Caprio. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? with Johnny Depp. He was 14.
- Producer Roger Frappier arrives from Montreal with the print of Love and Human Remains under his arm twenty minutes before the sold-out screening (it takes 45 minutes to prepare a print for screening)
- Hengameh Panahi and partner from the newly formed Celluloid Dreams arrive from Paris so broke they are homeless until housed by one of the people attending the festival. Celluloid Dreams is now one of the largest sales agents in Europe.
- The World Premiere of Orson Welles’ Don Quixote is a full-house. Unfortunately reel three is upside down causing a thirty minute delay half way through the film.
- The inaugural Live!Ammunition! pitching event is attended by forty people. The event is to become a byword for fun, entertainment and deals.