Interview with Stephan Littger, director of “Her Composition”

Our interview kicks off with the most obvious question. When I catch up with Her Composition director Stephan Littger at the Raindance Delegates Center during the 24th Raindance Film Festival, I’m still intrigued by his film’s subversive premise: a creatively stuck composer, Malorie, explores her creativity by turning to prostitution when her sexual encounters start […]

Interview with Jon Stanford – Writer/Director of Long Forgotten Fields

Set in the Shropshire countryside, Long Forgotten Fields portrays the devastating effects of war on British soldiers after they’ve left the battlefield. Lily is elated to have her soldier boyfriend Sam return to their Shropshire village on leave, but the perfect romance comes to a sudden halt as the psychological effects of his profession become […]

Come to Raindance for… Shorts

Bite-sized narratives that pack a punch. This year’s Short film selection are beautifully made and provocatively stylised, with stories and tales that stretch from the sweetly familiar to distinctively bizarre… Animation Shorts These animations are created to escape the narrative impulse of cinema using the principles of randomness and analogue generative cinema. These are intimate […]

Come to Raindance for… Horror

Satanic cults, mysterious crop circles and post-apocalyptic cannibalism. Step into these other worlds and prepare to be scared. Here’s our top picks for Horror lovers at Raindance 2016… Don’t Knock Twice A supernatural horror in which a mother is desperate to reconnect with her troubled daughter, but on the way ends up inadvertently becoming embroiled […]