Raindance Awards and Nominations

In 2014 the Raindance Film Festival will be giving awards in the following categories:

Best International Feature

**The Light Shines Only There** WINNER
Wild Canaries
Standing Aside, Watching
Monument to Michael Jackson

Best British Feature

**Luna** WINNER
The Quiet Hour
United We Fall

Best Debut Feature

Today and Tomorrow
**Kebab and Horoscope** WINNER
The South is Nothing
Things People Do
Forgetting to Know You

Best Documentary Feature

The Horses of Fukushima
A People Without A Land
The Art of Disappearing
The Supreme Price
**Days of Hope** WINNER
Kung-Fu Elliot

Feature Film of the Festival

All features in the festival are eligible. It is awarded to the film that best embodies the spirit of Raindance.

**Take Me To The River** WINNER

Best International Short

The Cities of My Youth
**Freedom** WINNER
The Moped Diaries
Welcome to Iron Knob

Best UK Short

**Nosferatu in Love** WINNER
Happy Toys
Beyond Plain Sight
A Generation of Vipers
The Boy and the Bus

Best Animated Short

Musical Readings from the Realm of the Dead
Speed Dating
Young Mallory
Hopkins & Delaney LLP
**Tea with the Dead** WINNER

Best Documentary Short

Wild New Brave
Walter Potter: The Man Who Married Kittens
The Trouble With Ray
**Our Curse** WINNER
Journey of a Freedom Fighter

Short Film of the Festival*

All shorts in the festival are eligible. The winner of the Short Film of the Festival award will be eligible for Oscar consideration.

**Freedom** WINNER

Special Jury Prize for a Short**

All shorts in the festival are eligible. The winner of the Special Jury Prize for a Short will be invited to create next year's festival trailer.

**Hart/Coeur** WINNER

Best Music Video

All music videos in the festival are eligible.

**Subtunes** WINNER

Web Fest

Please click here for Web Fest awards.


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