We're delighted that Emma E Hickox, A.C.E. will be joining us for an evening in conversation. Emma's background is rooted firmly in the film business; as she has followed in her mother Anne V Coates' distinguished footsteps as an editor, her father was cult film director Douglas Hickox. Emma will be interviewed by Michael Johns of the Guild of British Film & Television Editors and be discussing her work on such films as Rock of Ages, Blue Crush, The Edge Of Love, Kinky Boots, and The Jacket, to name but a few. She will be discussing the role she plays in the filmmaking process from pre-production all the way through to the release of the film. How the editor manages the material to best serve the vision of the director of the film and navigates the politics involved in the complex process. She will also discuss the use of sound design and music in her cutting as well as the particularly unique approach she takes to the editing process. Emma will also be discussing the editing of comedy as well as the approach she takes to cutting dramatic and emotional sequences. She very much hopes that people will come with questions as well so that she can tailor the talk to best serve those in the audience.

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