For developing filmmakers music videos are a great place to hone skills, develop a style, create a showreel and hopefully get paid. For established filmmakers they are an alternative to the short film for a place to experiment and to explore new collaborations. For the artists they are a new channel for expression and the chance to access a new audience. From the world of music videos have come some of the biggest names in film today including David Fincher, Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry.

Raindance is proud to present a selection of music videos from diverse filmmakers in a variety of styles and sounds.  These films will entertain, impress and experiment, and combine today’s talent with the voices of tomorrow. Featuring Amanda Palmer, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Disclosure, Billy Boyd, John Hillcoat, BAFTA New Talent award winners and more.


The Lion 3'20" Artist: Benjamin Scheuer & Escapist Papers Director Peter Baynton
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The troubled and redemptive family history of singer/songwriter Benjamin Scheuer is told using a pride of cardboard lions and their friends.      -

Breathe 3'52" Artist: Still Changing Director Andreas Hvid Ramsdal
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Breathe is about the importance of taking a breather now and then. Still Changing’s video takes us along on a man’s escapism from the everyday life.      -

Want it Back 4'00" Artist: Amanda Palmer Director Jim Batt
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A madcap stop-motion animated music video that captures the chaotic energy and vibrant joy of Amanda Palmer's song in a whirlwind of calligraphy bedsheets, naked bodies and graffiti.         -

Teknikality 3'07" Artist: Assa Director Marcus J. Richardson
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After a fruitless search for resources a homeless man returns to his fellow vagrants only to collide with an unexpected situation on the way.           -

Pigeon Song 5'11" Artist: Anderson McGinty Webster Ward and Fisher Director Matt Cameron & John Fairfield
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An office drone is given a second chance for adventure after dying at his desk.             -

Sunken Low 3'32" Artist: Little Friend Director Lewis Arnold
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Set within the city, a successful businesswoman searches for something among the glass and the gloss, which she hopes will fill the emptiness inside.            -

White Noise 4'43" Artist: Disclosure ft AlunaGeorge Director Luke Monaghan
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Protagonist Kafani plays a lonesome security guard with a hidden talent. Through his expressive dance moves we are given an insight into the decaying areas of Detroit.     -

Jubilee Street 4'44" Artist: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Director John Hillcoat
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Ray Winstone plays the regular customer of a young sex worker, torn between desire and self-loathing, while Nick Cave plays the louche on-screen narrator.      -

My Intro Your Outro 3'28" Artist: Safe Houses Director Antonia Katerina Bain
Website | Twitter
A vibrant celebratory music video carefully crafted for the synth pop duo Safe Houses.           -

I Want to Tell You 2'55" Artist: The Van Houtens Director Carlotta Cardana & Marcos Villaseñor
Website | Twitter
After their deaths are faked, The Van Houtens travel to a castle where Elvis and other rock stars keep living the rock & roll dream.  -

As Seen Through A Telescope 4'05" Artist: Piatcions Director Carlotta Cardana & Marcos Villaseñor
Website | Twitter
When a SETI scientist comes into contact with an extraterrestrial intelligence, all his fantasies seem fulfilled: fame, recognition and, especially, the possibility of an alien girlfriend.         -

Juice of My Heart 4'27" Artist: White Blush Director Carol Rhyu
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It's hard to get a little respect these days...A jaded waitress finally gets revenge.    -

Ouverture 5'05" Artist: Nadejda Vlaeva Director Bracey Smith
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What you do if you were born with music that pores from your heart?       -

The Clown 4'21" Artist: Beecake Director Michael J. Ferns
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Hold on. Give it up. You're not just what you've got. Beecake explore the pitfalls of materialism in their thought provoking new video, The Clown.   -

Acoustic Levitation Through Vocal Discharge 1'48" Artist: WanDan Director Ghin Liew
Website | Twitter |  Facebook
Here  at  the  那刹  Ksana  Institute  we  have  recently  achieved through our intensive  training  programme, a  scientific   breakthrough  in  acoustic  human  levitation using Class  1  AudioBod  WanDan.          -

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