Four residents of an Appalachian Valley relay their stories of rural American living.

‘Big Moccasin’ tenderly portrays the lives of four residents of an Appalachian Valley in an effort to uncover sidelined American stories. The 25-mile stretch of road in Virginia is brimming with tales of the civil war, the depression and the undying affection of the residents who live there toward the very land itself. The anxieties of people who are removed from mainstream society are exposed and a complex collage of tradition, faith and friendship is created.
As guided by husband and wife team, Chelsea and Andrew Moynehan, we learn that there is much to discover in this pocket of America; ‘Big Moccasin’ is a hub of community, music and nature. A charismatic quartet made up of Mouse, Polo, Steve Burke and Geraldine Frazier lead us through the film and demonstrate the duality of the place they call home through their individual stories. Brimming with anecdotes of neighborhood grudges, high school pranks and unwavering belief in God, ‘Big Moccasin’ is revealed to be an isolating space that limits activity as well as one that provides a rich community with an independent identity.

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