17-year old Marko and his friends get stranded in the middle of a forest at the dead of night in this wonderful adaptation from director Goran Vojnovic’s award-winning novel.
‘Chefurs Raus!’ follows 17-year-old Marko and his group of friends over a short period of time, starting out with a confrontation with a couple of police officers, who leave them stranded and cursing in a forest in the middle of the night. From then on, things go from bad to worse for the group as friendships become strained and family relations disintegrate.
The film benefits from a remarkable performance by protagonist Benjamin Krnetić (Marko), particularly in the interactions with his bigoted, scornful father, who is out for blood after Marko quits the basketball team.
‘Chefur’ is a derogatory term in Slovenia used to describe an immigrant from the southern republics of the former Yugoslavia, and ‘Chefurs Raus!’ is commonly seen as graffiti on the streets of Ljubljana. This film cleverly and comically explores the struggles of these second-generation immigrant communities and the intolerance and hardships they face. As teenagers living in the high-rise flats of a grey and disreputable suburb, the friends have little else to do but hang out on the streets, smoking, drinking and causing trouble.

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