Along for the ride with small-time drug dealer on the worst day of his life.

Dan is a small-time drug dealer with wares from the softer end of the spectrum. His dream is to take his daughter and move to Australia to become a patisserie. When he is offered the chance from his best client for a one-time only, big cocaine deal, he goes against his better judgment and accepts the offer.

Almost immediately things begin to go wrong. The police are on his trail, the drugs go missing and he finds himself beholden to the most dangerous gangster in the city. Who can he trust to help him? His girlfriend? His customer? Or: none of the above. What starts as a simple score becomes a struggle to keep Dan and his daughter alive.

With a gritty and frenetic visual style, a smart script and superb performances from its central cast, you may not always like the people you’re spending time with, but ‘Dealer’ is clever enough to make you root for the bad guy. Highly tense, frequently brutal and always engaging, ‘Dealer’ is slick, smart and stylish and takes inspiration from the best of European crime thrillers from recent years to breathe new life into a familiar genre.

The Cult Den - Dealer to premiere at Raindance Film Festival

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