A beautifully shot insight into the traditions of a community that is being changed by modern tourism.

Imagine a postcard-perfect village, with light blue seas and amazing architecture. Now imagine hundreds of eager tourists trying to experience that beauty by partying. ‘Fishermen’s Conversations’ offers a bleak outlook into the struggles of traditional fishing. Within a small community in the Mediterranean we see the importance of family, of community, of memory; surrounded by the never-ending supply of fresh tourists creating a strange and often quite noisy obstacle for the fishermen.

The film is beautifully shot and the fishermen and their families are the perfect focus for the lens, both in their love for the islands, each other, and their obvious passion for the sea. This isn’t a film about fishing: this is a film about people, about society, about the modern world and how destructive it can be. The characters are engaging, and although not many actual conversations are had, there is a lot to be heard here. Whilst the situation is not unique to the fishermen, by using the subject the film provides an easy parallel to the ‘modern’ world.

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