“We’re making a film of the making of a film” - A film about someone making a film about someone trying to make a film.

From the fringes of Bollywood to the kerbs of…Archway. Ravi Vasami's dream of making a film in Britain is documented through a hand-held camera crew detailing the trials and tribulations of his hilarious ambition. The story delves as much into Ravi’s irrational and barmy personality as his pursuit of cinematic fulfillment, including advice sought from a ‘life coach and psychic’ whose mantra seems to be nearly always incorrectly guessing people’s star signs.

After securing funds from an accountant with a seemingly wayward moral compass, the camera crew, trying to make sense of what’s unraveling, film Ravi’s dreams shatter before his eyes, with his sanity slowly disappearing along the way.

The dialogue is sharp and funny; the characters could be described as the most clichéd version of their profession (Giles the aloof and shady accountant and financier, for instance), which can include Ravi himself; short tempered, acerbic, overly self-defensive and oblivious to his own short-comings as the director. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t have an idea yet, he just wants to get it done.

Evening Standard: Check them out: Daisy Lowe and Nick Grimshaw coordinate with checked clothing for Flim: The Movie premiere

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