Johnny is stuck in the past. Desperate for understanding or revenge, he invites his (few) friends to a party.

Endings are profoundly important to audience experience: the moment the director says 'cut' decides whether the effect is happy or sad. In this film, the central character is dissatisfied with the end of a particular scene in his life, so he reconvenes the cast - old friends and lovers - in the hope of orchestrating a better outcome.

The music is pumping, the drugs are bought, and he's ready to welcome a houseful of guests. As time wears on and the wine flows, it seems this might be a smaller gathering than anticipated: there are just four people so far, each with a score to settle.

There's an eerie case of life mirroring art here, as the actor 'directing' this revenge scenario is also the director of the film itself. You may recognise actor-director Anton Saunders from the BAFTA-nominated and Palme d'Or-winning film ‘The Most Beautiful Man in the World’. He puts in a perfectly pitched performance as a man dealt a disappointing hand in life, giving a bitter-sweet heart to this gritty and unusual film.

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