A Japanese slacker comedy about the loveable Fuku, who is too shy to speak to women.

This charming film is the story of the kind, peaceful but incredibly shy Tatsuo, known by friends and colleagues alike as ‘Fuku-Chan’. We follow Fuku around in his everyday life: from his personal hobby of painting kites to his professional painting at work, to more uncomfortable and unfamiliar environments: Fuku, already too shy to speak to women, has to overcome past humiliation to rediscover love and friendship with the woman who broke his heart in school.

The film twists and turns from one story to the next through friendship, arguments and personal insecurities. In true Japanese comedy style, this film offers scene after scene of laughs in many different forms, from a song-and-dance number, to the utterly absurd, to the “it’s so familiar it hurts”. Eating a curry will never be the same again, and with subtle nods towards ‘Blow Up’ (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1966), it’s a pleasurable and well rounded bundle of laughs. Prepare for your heartstrings to be pulled, for kites to fly high and to fall so in love with Fuku that you wish you could be friends with him too.

Hannah Newman Smart

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