A dizzying and intimate look at the lives of circus performers.

A testament to the dedication of modern circus performers who push their bodies to the limit, Horacio Alcalá’s ‘Grazing The Sky’ is a beautifully captured celebration of the pursuit of perfection.

Following the lives of a band of performers who hail from the outer reaches of Europe, it explores the way that performance can unify us. The backstories of this particular group of artists differ greatly, yet their passion for physical performance binds them. Whether it be an unshakeable desire to break free from the comforts of everyday life in Bristol, or the necessity of finding sanctuary in art in the tumultuous Palestine, it is clear from this documentary that performance offers a safe space. Despite the awe-inspiring stunts and fantastical shapes they achieve with their bodies, perhaps the more impressive aspect of their work is the level of intimacy the performers gain with one another.

‘Grazing The Sky’ is a dizzying spectacle that celebrates endurance and passion. The cinematography beautifully frames the angelic shapes these performers create. From moments of serenity to those that induce the deepest anxiety, ‘Grazing The Sky’ is a testament to the possibilities of physical performance.

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