China has Bruce Lee. America has Chuck Norris. Could Elliot ‘White Lightning’ Scott be Canada’s first action hero?

It’s hard to say which moment in ‘Kung Fu Elliot’ is the most horrifying. Perhaps it’s when Elliot decides to soak his kimono in gasoline overnight and set himself on fire for a home-made movie stunt. Or maybe when he decides to go to China to fight Shaolin monks. Or maybe when he visits a fetish club with a bereaved friend and co-star while his girlfriend is out of town. Whichever moment is the most jaw-dropping for you, there’s one thing for certain: ‘Kung Fu Elliot’ is a documentary full of more punch than a Bruce Lee movie.

Elliot ‘White Lightning’ Scott dreams of becoming Canada’s first-ever action hero. A strange character with a penchant for filmmaking, he, his supportive partner Linda and his rag-tag group of friends and volunteers make truly awful action movies. Half way through, the documentary takes a dramatic twist. Elliot goes to China – supposedly to do some filming and buy Linda a wedding ring – and comes back empty-handed. As time wears on, more and more truth gets uncovered, and the film becomes a fascinating exploration not just of Elliot’s antics, but of his deeply weird – and slightly scary – character.

Orestes Kouzof

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