An eye-opening documentary explaining the concept of ‘sacred sperm’ within the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community.

You might be mistaken for thinking this title is a nod to Monty Python, but it is about ''The Meaning of Life"- new life; considered pure in the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community if born of "sacred sperm". In this documentary, directed by Or Yashar, we go on a journey with the narrator - whose faith has only in recent years been devoted to this strength of worship - as he tries to fully understand the concept of "sacred sperm" and comes to terms with how he might raise his family in good faith.

Despite the harshness of the teachings, which promote the idea that uncontrolled sperm release is murder and a more punishable wickedness than any other, another side of the religion is seen in this sensitive film which explores the difficulties worshippers face, and how they get through this with support from a genuinely loving community. Some of the messages speak to many of us, regardless of religion: ''The problem isn't making a mistake, the problem is obsessing about it." The film highlights how we are all vulnerable in some way: "Am I worthy of teaching my son?" asks the narrator of himself.

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