Zena has landed in London, determined to uncover the simple question of why she exists. Bob, an ageing thespian, may be the key to her quest.

Meet Zena: a girl starting a new life in 90’s London, trying to work out what everything means, wearing a long black coat like it’s a protective shield against the various oddball characters she meets while traversing the city’s well-worn streets. Zena is infatuated with Bob (played Michael Madsen, in full 80’s surfer guise), a free-spirited playwright, who is trying to carve out a little bohemia for himself and his ragged band of eccentric followers through the form of street theatre and his interpretation of poetry. The moment of clarity for Zena, captured through the lens of Bob’s seeming duplicity, is the ‘philanthropic act’ of raising money for an 8 year old orphan boy from the Congo with only one leg. Casting aside questions over Bob’s sexuality, Zena plunges, rather hilariously, head first into an impassioned mission to ensnare his affections.

Featuring Leo Gregory doing a super turn as Brett - a camp, narcissistic socialite with some serious delusions of grandeur - ‘The Ninth Cloud’ is a playful and yet often wistful exploration of a girl’s quest for significance.

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