The Friday screening will  be followed by an after-party at Cafe Kaizen with free drinks.


A wonderful twist on the alien invasion genre that reveals humanity to be the deadliest threat of all.

Set against the backdrop of an alien invasion that has seen the earth mined for resources, ‘The Quiet Hour’ riffs on Sam Peckinpah's seminal ‘Straw Dogs’ to wonderful effect and proves that money is less important than a fantastic script, skilled direction and nuanced performances by accomplished actors.

Dakota Blue Richards is Sarah, a young girl trying to simply survive in the aftermath of the alien invasion with her blind younger brother Tom. Into their lives comes Jude, a man who has lost his family and is desperate for sanctuary from human pursuers who prove far more dangerous than the alien threat hanging – quite literally – above their heads. Determined to protect the family farm from the threat outside, Sarah finds herself at war with her brother as she’s forced to take the risk of trusting Jude, despite Tom’s fears he may not be as innocent as he’s claiming to be.

In the face of potential extinction at the hands on an alien race, ‘The Quiet Hour’ proves that humankind is by far the deadliest threat to our own existence.

Sebastian Caine

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