An exhilarating drama about evoking the dead and re-discovering love.

Stoic Paquita takes care of her agoraphobic daughter Lupe and her grandson Pancho. Lupe raves in a constant Valium-induced perplex, while Pancho is on the brink of teenage rebellion. But since Paquita is dying, she has to set things to rights between her isolated descendants. On the Day of the Dead, she asks for her departed son Diego’s help.

Lupe used to be a rock star, but since her brother’s death she barely leaves her room. She has almost no connection to her son, whose blooming interest towards music endlessly angers her. When Diego appears out of thin air, his stubborn love towards Lupe breathes new life into her frail and misanthrope figure. She discovers subtle ways to connect with the sentient Pancho and to share some silenced feelings through their common passion for music.

The dark mystery of the Day of the Dead dissolves in the brightly lit pictures of Beatriz Sanchís’s film. Wrapping the everyday tragedy of death into lacy, ethereal compositions and charming humour, the film magically combines surreal with lively, honest, joyous little triumphs and clashes in the labyrinth of human relationships.

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