Bernard Rose (The Kreutzer Sonata, Ivans XTX, Anna Karenina) has been inspired by the short stories of Leo Tolstoy for the last 3 of his films and, with 2 Jacks, makes his fourth – this time based on the story The Two Hussars.

In this latest offering, Danny Huston plays Jack Hussar, a swashbuckling Hollywood director of the old school – a hard drinking, cigar smoking womanizer whose patchy film career is always at the forefront of his thoughts. Forever looking to raise capital for his next project, he heads out to Hollywood and meets and is soon in love with the stunning Diana (Sienna Miller) an actress with an agenda of her own.

With fame and success in Hollyood then - as it is now - as fleeting as the last set of figures on a spreadsheet, Jack faces a verité Hollywood ending of his own: as a has-been. In the second half of the film the story switches to Jack Hussar Jr., played by Jack Huston, Danny’s real life nephew. New to the film business, he’s brash and bursting with confidence but jut how far will it get him?

A fun and somewhat retro ride through the glamour of old Hollywood and into the cynicism of the new.

Suzanne Ballantyne

Producer Julia Verdin and Director Bernard Rose
John Verdin - Exec producer
Bernard Rose - Director
Danny Huston - Lead Actor- Jack Hussar
Rosie Fellner - Actress
Bertrand Lipworth -Sirenic Films & Media UK rep for film

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