Playing With: "Breakdown" [Country: USA, Running Time: 9', Director: Anthony Hickox]


Leo vowed never to follow in the footsteps of his older brother. No matter what, he'd stay clean. Study hard, work hard, no drinks, no drugs: carve out a decent life for himself. But what starts off as some harmless driving between known drug dens and brothels slowly escalates as Leo discovers that this world and this lifestyle actually suit him. The rush of success comes often, and along the way he meets Nadia, a beautiful stripper with enough attitude to keep Leo totally infatuated. Life finally looks good, but how long can this dream last?

A film that could easily descend into mindless violence, Dirtymoney manages to toe the fine line between intelligent arthouse drama and gritty gangster film. The audience is guided through Leo's story with sensitivity and grace through a brilliant performance from the sensational Anthony Welsh. Though this may on paper be a story that we have all seen or heard before, writer/director Adam Tysoe's deft touch elevates this film and turns it into something really quite special.

Krystyna Kosciuszko

28 October Screen International Montecristo takes DirtyMoney to AFM