Billed as a pre-apocalyptic comedy, Doomsdays follows the adventures of Dirty Fred and Bruho (Leo Fitzpatrick of Larry Clark’s Kids fame) – two friends who have made the conscious decision to drop out of productive society in favour of a more free spirited existence - as they move from unoccupied vacation home to unoccupied vacation home around the Catskill Mountains. Squatting in each one until their luck or the food runs out, the two find their dynamic changing when they are eventually joined by both an aimless teen and shortly after, an equally aimless young woman.

Doomsdays stands out amongst the year’s comedies thanks to fantastic chemistry between the cast and a uniquely good humoured script that never does what you expect it to as what starts as a straightforward comedy quickly becomes a touching and heart swelling movie about family.

Already a big hit from festivals like Fantasia, Doomsdays is destined to become a cult classic, spoken of in the same revered tones as the likes of Withnail and I. This is a touching and wonderfully original debut by first time writer and director Eddie Mullins.

Mark Rogers