Playing With: "Keep a Tidy Soul" [Country: USA, Running Time: 11', Director: Joshua Moore]


Every Everything is an intimate portrait of drummer/vocalist Grant Hart from the punk band Husker Du. Using a mixture of footage and extensive interviews with the man himself, Gorman Bechard gives you an extraordinary account of this fascinating person's life. We get a no-holds-barred history of rock and roll and an insider view of the music industry – and it’s this honest style of documentary filmmaking is what really separates this film from other musical docs.

Grant Hart is given free reign to talk about his life, his influences, his art, his obsessions and, of course, Husker Du and his music. Conversation ranges from art education, William S. Burroughs, Patti Smith, child-rearing, and a heartfelt discussion on why the Studebaker is the coolest car ever made. This will be one of the most off-the-wall, yet captivating conversations that you will witness for a long time.

Every Everything is an insight into a piece of American musical history, through the eyes and thoughts of a truly fascinating and intellectual individual, who is arguably one of the most influential musicians in the last thirty years.


Director, Gorman Bechard, will be attending 4th Oct-7th Oct