Jorge Hinojosa's triumphant documentary is so unexpectedly inspiring that you'll find yourself, against all odds, wanting to read Slim's books – books explaining his transition from scared kid to a big-time pimp and legendary figure of the Chicago underworld.

Ice-T, one of the executive producers, claims like many others that Slim's books gifted him the confidence and freedom to tell his own stories. Chris Rock and Snoop Dogg are amongst other big names who feature in the documentary; a mix of interviews, archive footage and biographical narration illustrated by stunning animation.

Some editing choices won't be for everyone, but this documentary offers a sensitive portrayal of Beck's transition from troubled relationships to stylish pimp to storyteller and family man. Testimonials from his ex-wives and children show a great love and admiration for this man who, to his credit, never encouraged the seedy profession as a worthy choice.

One quote stays with me: “I stupidly tried to get somethin' for nothin'. And any time you try to get somethin' for nothin' you're gonna suffer one way or another”.

Michelle Goode