Georgia Cardaci stars as Rossana; put-upon wife of Zeno (Fabrizio Ferracane) in this latest production from award-winning Italian director Leonardo Frosina. We follow our leads as they make the move to a new city, which proves to be an isolating experience for both characters: each afraid of the future before them.

Described by Leonardo himself as a 'story about how laziness and sluggishness sneaks into human relations and destroys them', this tantalizingly torturous portrayal of a couple grasping at the past examines the frailty of marriage and morals as a relationship runs its course.

As Zeno pushes the boundaries by avoiding communication and flirting with adultery, Rossana struggles to share the news that she is pregnant; instead feeling invisible and unloved whilst Zeno tries to appease his conscience by listening to relationship advice on his patrol car radio. It's only when a devastating mistaken phone call made by Zeno reveals his betrayal that Rossana finally manages to take control.

With its style reminiscent of Blue Valentine, alternating a starkly morbid present and a rosier past, The Last Leaf is a sensitive portrayal of a man's confusion over his actions and a woman's struggle to regain independence. Stunning aerial shots of the city add an artistic quality and the triumphant end shot affords Rossana the assertion of confidence we've been rooting for.

Michelle Goode