No two citizens have influenced world politics more than US army analyst Bradley Manning and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Manning was arrested in Iraq on suspicion of having passed state secrets to online publisher Wikileaks. Later that year a group of journalists set out to find local media partners who would be willing to publish the Wikileaks material.

Mediastan is the documentary composed of footage shot by that small group of journalists as they travelled through some of the least known parts of Central Asia seeking national newspaper editors. Their compelling story unfolds in a series of meetings and taxing journeys over impressively rugged terrain. Assange, though under house arrest in Britain, joins meetings vicariously via Skype to explain the content and describes the ramifications of publishing it.

Years from now, the Wikileaks scandal (or cause celebre) will be used as a social media case study of how Assange and his team brought major world powers to their knees. This documentary is essential viewing for any media student as well as individuals concerned about democracy.


Julian Assange will lead the Q&A via Skype.

Raindance Film Festival Juror Julian Assange at Q and A after premiere of his film, Mediastan

Asssange's Q and A after screening































October 3 Screen International Julian Assange Talks Mediastan


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