Playing with: "Room 31" [Country: Spain/Germany, Running Time: 5'54", Director: Klaas Diersmann]


F-117 stealth fighters are supposed to be invisible to radar, but in 1999 Serbian missile officer Zoltan Dani managed to identify and shoot down one of those aircraft. The American pilot, Dale Zelko, ejected, evaded capture on Serbian soil and was rescued. The first meeting of these two men was through a surface to air missile ten miles away from each other, The Second Meeting documents Dale’s journey to Serbia 12 years later to meet the man who shot him down.

It is no longer a popular notion that soldiers on either side of a conflict are not inherently enemies. Throughout the 21st Century the media and politicians of the world have categorised adversaries as “evil”. Not so in the story of The Second Meeting. Dale and Zoltan are soldiers who served their respective countries out of patriotism, respect those qualities in each other and have, years after the conflict, sought each other out for friendship. Dale travels to Serbia to retrace the events of the night he was shot down and to connect with Zoltan, the man who pulled the trigger.

Despite the circumstances of the first meeting of these two men, The Second Meeting is a story of peace, hope and love that restores faith in honour of humanity.

Mark Moynihan