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The first feature film composed entirely of cell phone calls.
Country: USA Runtime: 110' Director(s): Jay Alvarez Writer(s): Jay Alvarez Producer(s): Jay Alvarez, Megan Kopp, Ray Callaway DOP: Ray Callaway Cast: Will Hand, Megan Kopp, Alexander Fraser Print Source: Ray Callaway Original Format: Cell phone, digital


On the advice of his friend, Jake (Will Hand) leaves everything in the small town he grew up and moves to the city without any plan. His friend Sean (Jay Alvarez), a swindling poet, has disappeared when he arrives. This neurotic young man has no choice but to fit in and do his best to find a job and survive the big city.

In a bold move from writer/director Jay Alvarez, every scene in this film is a phone call. Every line of dialogue – a conversation with someone not physically present. But this isn’t just a fascinating experiment with the boundaries of formal filmmaking, it is a smart way to get directly into his characters lives as they are defined by others. Every call is a performance, or an exposition of self – some of their most intimate moments, their vulnerability, shame, anxiety, hate and love are spoken into a microphone.

Shot on black and white 35mm film, the cinematography wallows in the poverty of the characters: dark streets and dingy single-room apartments. The city is a shadow, swallowing these young hearts and leaving them struggling at the end of a telephone line.

Lara Xu

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