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Deep in the arctic circle, three soldiers man a remote Outpost. When a warning light goes off their world is plunged into spiraling madness.
Country: UK Runtime: 92' Director(s): Anthony Woodley Writer(s): Anthony Woodley Producer(s): Luke Healy, James Littlewood, Anthony Woodley, Mike Woodley DOP: Stefan Mitchell Cast: Luke Healy, Billy Clarke, Bernard Hill Print Source: Anthony Woodley Original Format: Digital


A confinement movie like the Evil Dead and Buried, Anthony Woodley’s Outpost 11 largely takes place in a military listening post in the middle of the arctic. Three soldiers, Commander Mason, inexperienced youngster Albert and hardened veteran Graham, spend their days intercepting radio messages. Mason breaks the monotony by hunting, while Graham seems to take special delight in emotionally tormenting young Albert for his lack of discipline.

The blissful boredom of their mundane days is broken when the warning light within the post begins to flash, yet makes no sound. As the three men try to get to the bottom of what is going on, the stage is set for a taut exercise in creating palpable, slow burning tension and discomfort.

Writer /director Anthony Woodley uses a minimal budget to good effect here, while his cast, in particular Billy Clarke as the brutal veteran Graham, do an exemplary job with their characters.

Outpost 11 is a bizarre and intoxicating beast that brings to mind classics in paranoid horror, such as John Carpenter’s The Thing, while still finding time for disturbing scenes of body horror perhaps more readily associated with early Cronenberg. Dark, atmospheric and with a thoroughly surprising closing scene, this is a gem that deserves to be unearthed.

Mark Rogers