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Alice Cooper narrates this documentation of the rise and fall Skum Rocks: the band that gained massive east coast popularity in the late 1980s despite having a complete lack of musical talent and ambition.
Country: USA Runtime: 77' Director(s): Clay Westervelt Writer(s): Hart Baur, Clay Westervelt Producer(s): Clay Westervelt, Michael Walker DOP: Clay Westervelt Cast: Kevin Bacon, Matthew Broderick, Fran Drescher, Ron Jeremy, Alice Cooper Print Source: various Original Format: various


Alice Cooper narrates this ‘life is stranger than fiction’ documentary in a brutally honest yet entertaining look at the failure of this great rock band, featuring a who’s who of celebrities.Skum Rocks was formed in the early 1980’s by three members of a varsity soccer team with no musical background. They wrote and performed their own songs and quickly became one of the hottest tickets on the college circuit.

Coasting on critical acclaim as well as financial success the band embarked on a series of wild financial and business decisions. They turned down several offers from record companies and started recording under their own label: Refuse Records. Three years and several hundreds of thousands of dollars later (raised from friends and family) the band went bust.

From the road crew they recruited from a soup kitchen, to the guitarist who was obsessed with Traci Lords, to the vast array of drummers that no body seemed to remember, to the original bass players who never learned notes, Skum Rocks takes the rock documentary to a new level.


The band, newly reunited, will attend the screening and Q&A