Everybody Street

Directed by Cheryl Dunn, this documentary illuminates the lives and work of New York's iconic street photographers and the incomparable city that has inspired them.
Country: USA Runtime: 84' Director(s): Cheryl Dunn Writer(s): Producer(s): Lucy Cooper, Michael Karbelnikoff, Lenny Beckerman DOP: Cheryl Dunn Cast: Print Source: Lucy Cooper Original Format: HD Video/16mm
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Screening – February 11th 3pm to 6:20pm

It’s a cliché to say the location is another character in a film but in Everybody Street – a documentary about the city’s street photographers -  New York is the star.

The film features the works of Henri Cartier Bresson, Robert Frank (see our retrospective) and Diane Arbus, along with interviews of various photographers who have been capturing New York’s street-life since the fifties. We hear from die-hard 35mm fans who think that digital cameras are the end, and then from those who see the digital revolution as the great democratization. We follow photographers who stage their shots, and those who ambush passers-by. There are those who highlight the gangs of New York, and those who focus on the sterling jobs done by the city’s fire and police officers. Rather than tying up into any nice neat conclusion, the result is a cross-section (both through time and geography) of the huge variety New York has to offer.

Lovingly shot on 16mm film, featuring interviews with a varied selection of quirky and engaging photographers, and – of course – highlighting some stunning pictures, Everybody Street is a film for those who love New York, those who love photography and those who love film. In short, it’s a film for everybody.

James Burbidge