Fall and Winter

This stunning documentary takes you on a hypnotic journey to understand the catastrophic environmental transitions now facing humanity. It's a survival guide for the 21st Century.
Country: USA Runtime: 102' Director(s): Matt Anderson Writer(s): Producer(s): Taylor Feltner DOP: David Black, Paul Park Cast: Grace Lee Boggs, Chris Hedges, Michael Reynolds Print Source: Taylor Feltner Original Format: HD
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Screening – February 11th 3pm to 6:20pm

This documentary will leave you feeling contemplative and yearning for change. Through a series of illuminating interviews with various academics, authors and activists, Fall and Winter seeks to open our eyes to the horrifying truth about the Earth’s imminent end. The documentary opens with original footage of Thomas Banyaca of the Hopi sovereign nation urging the United Nations to pay heed to the prophetic warnings of native peoples. He speaks of a destructive purification that will inevitably happen if “the white man” continues to disregard nature and exploit it to an irreparable state.

Fall and Winter investigates this further by delving into the evolution of civilisation and seeking to understand how humanity began to separate itself from the earth. Contrasting images punctuate the film as captivating natural landscapes are eclipsed by shots of energy guzzling cities that are running on the Earth’s final resources. The film strikes out at the institutions that govern our society, exposing the central tenet of capitalism: to turn natural resources into commodities, and commodities into profit. By the end of the film we’re facing a bleak prospect, but have gained empowering knowledge that could help us change for the better.

Xanthe Patterson