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A selection of some of the great music videos submitted by unsigned, independent directors worldwide to this year’s inaugural Radar Awards. To qualify, directors couldn’t be signed to commercial production companies; as prizes, winning directors were teamed up with leading commercial production companies in the UK, Europe & USA.

The awards were deemed a great success by all involved and they’re looking forward to seeing more great videos & helping the careers of more great up & coming directors in July 2017.

More details http://www.radarmusicvideos.com/radar-awards

Celebrity Reduction Player
"Watch me smash all of these idols / Got my own heavyweight title / There's no upper tier, we're all peers / Unless y'all want to be rivals". This music video is a humourous and infectious critique of modern celebrity-obsessed culture.

Clap Track
Classic 1940s Jazz-Swing dancing footage is juxtaposed with this modern and heavy DnB banger to create an addictively amusing official music video that is both harking back to golden eras of music and making a statement of defiance, rebellion and invention.

Give Up Give Out Give In
A mesmerising and simplistic music video for White Shadows' song, which combines minimalist styles, dance and lighting to create a strangely beautiful and sometimes surreal visual spectacle.  

Dealing with romantic rejection, career failure and the death of his father all gets on top of one man. Spending his day filming in a pig suit, playing a background character on a children's TV show, he eventually suffers a breakdown on set.

Queens Speech 4
This music video accompanying Lady Leshurr's track of the same name is the fourth instalment of her 'Queen's Speech' series of freestyles, which went viral earlier in 2016. A simple but playful video conveying the humour, spirit and spontaneity of the musician.

Rowdy Badd
A lively music video to 'Rowdy Badd' from LEVELZ's critically-acclaimed "LVL 11" mixtape. The video makes use of a Bullet Rig, like the ones used in the ground-breaking 'Matrix' films, the first music video to do so.

Royal Republic - Baby
A super-speed-roller-disco-thunder-show performed by the rock quartet Royal Republic in a venue breathing sweat, lust and fifth grade gym class. With a mirror-ball mightier than Frankenstein and a swing better than Tarzan’s this homage to the 80’s will make you wanna roll - forever.

So Happy
This music video for DRVORED follows various characters as they go about their daily routine. Showcasing gorgeous landscapes and authentic musicianship along the way, this is a film conveying a sense of longing and contentment at the thought of regaining a lost love.

With British pop-rocker Oscar’s video for the song 'Sometimes', he takes what is billed in the video’s title card as a “fantastic journey through the West”, exploring some of the quirkiest niche communities of America, from a lawn bowling club to a group of model train enthusiasts.

A music video for Anna Meredith's song of the same name. It visually explores rhythm through everyday objects and actions with a split screen format containing 18 different perspectives. These different viewpoints are also used to explore the musicians' performances with a nod to Hockney's "joiners".

The House
A stereotypical high school nerd, teased by his classmates decides to reinvent himself and his childhood through a wildly embellished school presentation that transforms him into a local high school god to the bemusement of his peers.

Witch Doctor
In this intense music video for De Staat's song, a massive horde of humans obey a mesmerizing and charismatic figure to perform a strange ritual dance, forming a primitive sea of movement.

Exploring one of Europe’s most notorious ghettos, Cova Da Moura in Lisbon. This music video captures the energy of this place, the architecture, street art and the beautiful essence from the good-natured people in a place that is near enough unheard of to the rest of the world.

Raindance Submissions - In Competition

The following five music videos have been selected from the Raindance submissions and compete for the Best Music Video Award.

Denim - Denim / Matthew Hammett Knott (UK)
A round-the-world Disney princess adventure featuring five drag queens, five countries, two Chihuahuas and a waterfall, and referencing the high camp and low/high production values of classic 90s music videos from acts such as the Spice Girls, Aqua and Peter Andre.

Voodoo in my Blood - Massive Attack featuring Young Fathers / Ringan Ledwidge (UK)
Ringan Ledwidge explores our uneasy relationship with technology. With the seductive devices we covet, which in turn exert immense control over our lives. It was inspired by the notorious subway scene in ‘Possession’, the extreme and bizarre horror masterpiece and the intimidating floating metal orb from 1979 cult-classic horror, ‘Phantasm’.

Through my Street - Rio Wolta / Piet Baumgartner (Switzerland)
Digger Love: A couple of workers get ready for the usual routine. He fills a sandwich while she sings a song in front of the TV. But, once they arrive to their job site, their working day turns into an unexpected artistic event.

Norma and Jessica - SadGirl / David Gantz, Theo Cohn (USA)
A man is let loose from prison and with the help of his lady, sets out on a path of revenge against a twisted cult that set him up. Their only chance at true freedom is to get to the cult before the cult gets to them.

Joy / Pontus Johansson, Johanna Hanno, Emil Nyström, Kim Karlsten, Maja Jakobsson (Sweden)
What you get in this poetic wonder of a stop motion is a bouquet of thrashed cardboard boxes, photography, a paper cut, paint and music by artist Joy’s Apartment. Telling the story of everyday places and of the odd feeling of standing on the sidelines in solitude watching it all.