Screening Time 23 June - 8:30pm
24 June - 2:30pm

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In a quiet cul-de-sac in leafy suburbia, Rose Clements - loving wife and Mother - is quietly stacking up a body count of accidental murders... through no motivation other than her own clumsiness.
Country: UK Runtime: 88' Director(s): Tony Hipwell, Miles Watts Writer(s): Tony Hipwell, Miles Watts, Sam Robinson Producer(s): Sam Robinson, Jan Robinson DOP: Jenni Suitiala Cast: Elaine Glover, Phil Rowson, Olwen May Print Source: Sam Robinson Original Format: HD 1080P / Camera RED MX

Rose Clements works in real estate. Her husband Dave is a landscape gardener. They have two kids, a suburban home and a van. Everything fairly normal then until one fateful, unlucky evening, when the eponymous “whoops” kicks in with popcorn-spittingly funny – and pretty macabre – results.

Whoops! is an effortlessly entertaining gory family comedy, spattered with dark humour, grisly violence and awkward scenes at the dinner table. Writer/Directors Miles Watts and Tony Hipwell have an appreciation for the absurdly bloody, slightly cheesy murder scenes of ‘80s’ and ‘90s’ horror films, and in Whoops! they work an absolute treat, complimenting the gruesomely funny atmosphere. At its heart however, Whoops! is the moving story of a perfect couple, madly in love and battling the odds together for their family.

Featuring some great performances by Elaine Glover and Phil Rowson as the hapless couple, Olwen May as a no-bullshit inspector and Andrew Dunn as a sleazy, sex-pest boss (skin-crawling line #32: “Hard at work? So am I”), this production has assembled quite some talent and it has paid off with a fantastic film. The humour is perfectly pitched, whilst sweaty-hands suspenseful moments match every laugh, but it is Rose and Dave’s tender relationship that will stay with you after the credits roll.

Orestes Kouzof