The Critic
Screening Time 9 June - 2:30pm
10 June - 6:30pm

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The Critic

Téllez, a stern movie critic, bored of Hollywood rom-com fare, becomes suspicious that his least favourite genre is getting it's revenge on him when he falls for Sophia.
Country: Argentina Runtime: 98' Director(s): Hernán Guerschuny Writer(s): Hernán Guerschuny Producer(s): Pablo Udenio, Hernán Guerschuny, Hugo Castro-Fau, Carolina Alvarez, Gabriela Sandoval, Carlos Nuñez DOP: Marcelo Lavintman Cast: Rafael Spregelburd, Dolores Fonzi, Ignacio Rogers Print Source: Pablo Udenio Original Format: DCP

Film critic Victor Tellez (played by the wonderfully deadpan Rafael Spregelburd) is getting sick of watching terrible film after terrible film and discussing them with the same old band of critics in the same old coffee shop after each screening.

Stuck in a rut, his friend suggests he should write his own film, whilst his sister and niece think that he needs to meet somebody. Victor doesn’t think he needs romance so he decides to write a film, and determines that his current abode isn’t suitable for such activity. Whilst viewing an apartment a mysterious woman called Sophia (Dolores Fonzi) steps in to buy the place from under him. Meeting Sophia turns Victor’s life upside down. Before he knows what’s hit him, Victor’s life has become one of the romantic comedies that he hates so much, complete with all the nauseating clichés that go along with the genre.

Former film critic Hernan Guerschuny, who serves as writer/director here, has crafted wonderfully warm, funny and post-modern film in The Critic. It does for the romantic comedy what Scream did for the horror film.

Paul Perkins