99 Minute Film School
Screening Time 16 June - 4:30pm

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99 Minute Film School

This is the crash course where Raindance will introduce the world of indie filmmaking, with dozens of filmmaking tips, in just 99 minutes.
Runtime: 99 Minutes

Of course it is impossible to explain filmmaking in 99 minutes! Or is it?

The workshop will run through the basic essentials you will need to create a film and to create a plan to launch your career. This includes how to source material & crew, film marketing and how to get paid work in the film industry!

Who is it for?

This course is for filmmakers just starting out on their film path, be they committed hobbyists or aspiring professionals. Directors, Writers, Producers – everyone should catch this course!

What will I get?

By the end of the 99 minutes, you will have learned the tips and tricks behind:

  • Finding a do-able script
  • Finding cast and crew
  • Shooting tips
  • Getting your film seen
  • Social media basics for filmmakers
  • The career ladder
  • Distribution and exhibition
  • Money and how to get paid